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One passion - one family - one tradition.

The story of the Eder family is a tale of passion and dedication to the world of spices and scents. Even as a young boy, Josef Eder was fascinated by the exotic aromas and fragrances he discovered in his hometown of Oberndorf near Salzburg. This enthusiasm for the unknown and extraordinary drove him to begin an apprenticeship as a spice and colonial goods merchant, immersing himself in the world of spices. He completed this apprenticeship in 1919.

In the 1930s, Josef Eder and his wife Anna took over a small grocery store in Lochen am See. This was the beginning of a long tradition in the Eder family of offering only the highest quality ingredients and delighting their customers with unique taste experiences. This philosophy of offering only the best and most select spices and teas was embraced by his son Helmut, who began an apprenticeship as a chemist before founding the tea and spice shop in Mattighofen.

There, he made every effort to maintain the highest quality standards and use only the best ingredients. The spice blends created by him and his family were mixed according to recipes from all over the world and refined with great attention to detail. The production of these spices became a true art form, which is still cultivated in the family business today.

The Eder family does not use flavor enhancers and places great importance on maintaining the original taste of the spices. This underscores their commitment to quality and sustainability. Each spice blend is unique and carefully mixed by hand to provide customers with the best possible taste experience.

The Eder family's passion for spices and scents has continued for generations and will continue to be passed on in the future. Through their work, they not only create unique taste experiences, but also a connection to other cultures and countries. The spices tell stories of distant lands and cultures, which the Eder family shares with their customers.

The Eder family's tea and spice shop is more than just a business, it is a source of inspiration and a place where people come together to share their passion for spices and scents. The unique spice blends and teas created by the Eder family awaken the senses and evoke emotions. They are a feast for the palate and a journey of discovery for the soul.

Eating well keeps body and soul together. Browse through our selection of raw spices and use your chosen spices to create the best menus at home.

With brown mustard powder, you can make the best mustard sauces for delicious roasts, and brown mustard seeds are great for spicy dishes, salad dressings, and pickling meat and vegetables. Yellow mustard seeds are milder than brown mustard seeds and go well in salads or mustard sauces. With yellow mustard powder, you can quickly make various types of mustard at home. Star anise is great for your Christmas punches or Asian dishes. Allspice goes well with game or wild boar. Of course, the well-known cinnamon is probably the most commonly used spice at this time of year. Whether in fruit strudel, fruit compote, or Christmas cookies, cinnamon puts us in the right Christmas mood.

Cooking and baking at home still saves a lot of money and allows us to enjoy the variety of household arts.

We wish you success in your home kitchen.

If you are missing something, have any questions or would like to share something about our new shop, do not hesitate to call our hotline. We are always here for you.