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Eder Gewürze KG


We commit ourselves to the absolute pleasure.

It is our goal to bring absolute quality and variety in your kitchen and on your plate.
Our raw spices are sourced from selected manufacturers.
They are rigorously tested to guarantee you the best quality.
Our spice blends are mixed in house with recipes from all regions of the world.
With much love new recipes are created again and again. 
Our spice mixtures can only be found here.

Flavor enhancers are not used by us, we guarantee the original taste of the spices. With our spices and spice blends, you bring variety into your kitchen schedule. Whether you want to bring exotic dishes from the Far East or European dishes into your life, variety is guaranteed. You will find a whole series of delicious recipes that are certainly worth a try and bring variety into your daily kitchen routine. 

You have questions - do not hesitate to use our hotline, our team is always ready to give you any information. Have fun on the island of pleasures. We are happy to receive your order by calling +43 660 46 55414.